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Other than photography, video production is also a part of Sunny Pang's profession and nature. In order to mixture the style of Sunny Photography with different commercial brands and projects, keeping the harmony and picture style consistent and recognisable is essential; and to make every commercial not too commercial.

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taipei 101

An official x'mas advert to showcase the decorartions inside & outside the world-known landmark - Taipei 101, which has numbers of themes and decos covering 2 main streets to the shopping mall and even up to the 89F observatory. Taipei 101 even held different events such as pop-up market, music festival at some of the decorated spots to arouse as much Christmas and festive vibes as people have ever experienced. This video takes audience to travel through most of the spots and to feel the spirit lifting atmosphere presented by Taipei 101, to make everyone believes Taipei101 is the best choice and unmissable place to visit for Christmas and even the New Year.


Concept | Storyboard | Photography | Videography | Direction | Editing by Sunny Pang

New Year's Eve Firework footages provided by TAIPEI 101​