commercial photo & video

Other than photography, video production is also a part of Sunny Pang's profession and nature. In order to mixture the style of Sunny Photography with different commercial brands and projects, keeping the harmony and picture style consistent and recognisable is essential; every pictures and clips are aiming to present the products as aesthetic and cinematic as possible, so to make every commercial works not too commercial at all.

client : microsoft

This set of photographs was to advertise the latest version of Microsoft's tablet and laptop, featuring 6 individual KOLs ( Key Opinion Leader ) from different professions. Including Sunny Pang himself as one of them. The idea is to show how that product bring convenience to their daily works and livings, with its compact size and lightness; also the high configuration and speed to give them reliable performances.


Photography | Editing by Sunny Pang

Concept | Design | Typography by Fevaworks Studio

client : elf culture

An exciting project that was to create an animatic video for a worldwide hit song - Baby Shark. There was a little challenge to animate these cute characters from the original story without changing their style at all, and to keep the animation associating and interacting with the lyrics; at the same time I tried to make the video looks more children-friendly instead of too commercial at all. 

Brainstorming | Coordination | Photography | Animation | Editing by Sunny Pang

This video is to promote a children educational product - The First Book, by The Elf Culture. Audience could watch an adorable girl & her mother playing together and interacting with the books; meanwhile to show and demonstrate the details of those hand-made books, in order to draw the interest and trust from the consumer for getting one for their children which could help them develop and help their growths in many good ways.

Brainstorming | Storyboard | Coordination | Photography | Videography | Editing |  Animation by Sunny Pang

client : t4 bubble tea

The brand video of T4 made in 2019, it's aim to showcase T4 has grown and expended it's business and opening new branches around the U.K. Numbers of cast and faces who live in different U.K cities play their own part and roles; to enjoy the T4 iconic drinks as their daily beverages.

Concept | Coordination | Photography | Filming | Direction | Editing by Sunny Pang

This series of photographs is again for the fast-growing beverage brand in the UK, T4 Bubbles Tea. The concept is to create the visual with the drinks & the characters represented by 4 models in different styles : A Classy Lady | A Student | A Businessman | A Traveller. Each styles have their own characteristics and vibes captured around London city. The key is to get the attention of different audiences no matter what background they are from.

Concept | Coordination | Photography | Editing by Sunny Pang

This video is to promote a beverage brand in London, T4 Bubble Tea. The idea was to film a short story about a lady who is fanatic with their bubble tea which ever gives her a good memory with a guy before. And the tea's spirit leads her way to the old place where they used to meet, eventually it brought them back together on X'mas day.


Brainstorming | Storyboard | Coordination | Photography | Videography | Editing |  Animation by Sunny Pang

This Video is to introduce the latest product of T4 bubble tea UK, called Caramel Pearl Milk Tea which has been a very popular beverage now throughout Asia. The flow was to show off the smoothness and profession of how they produce the drink, in order to present the aesthetic texture of the drink to the client with satisfaction.   


Brainstorming | Storyboard | Coordination | Photography | Videography | Editing by Sunny Pang