life style

Dressing in smart casual and elegant fashion, to replace wearing traditional white wedding dress. It creates much more life feeling and natural vibes, as the lovers gets more flexibility and comfort to interact with each other, which is the most beloved and recommended style of Sunny Photography. 

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wedding style

A pure white style in proper wedding dress and suit, combining with remarkable landmarks and iconic streets in the city or even the nature, the photography delivers a sense of purity and grandness; to fulfil the lovers' wish of making a set of genuine and traditional pre-wedding photographs. 

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Sunny Photography Shoot Worldwide


As Sunny Photography travels around the world for photoshoot, we always welcome and recommend everyone to send us a message to discuss any opportunity to photoshoot in the location and date clients prefer and choose. We always hope to work out the perfect shooting plan and schedule for you, so please do get in touch and tell us your need.  

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