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sunny pang photography

created by Sunny Pang (Hiu Tung) born in Hong Kong, studied fine-arts in New Zealand; and mastered in multimedia & digital visual design in Hong Kong. He started to become a photographer in London since 2014, with solid experience in Wedding / Pre-Wedding  / Family Portrait / Street and Landscape photography & videography. He has done numbers of photoshoot around the UK and many countries such as: 

ASIA : Hong Kong / Taiwan / Japan

EUROPE : UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Faroe Islands, Austria, Spain, Norway, Czech, Croatia, Greece, Switzerland

USA : Boston / New Hampshire

In late 2016, he won the merit prize in the international competition by National Geographic, and also a winner in another competition by The Telegraph UK. He was given a privilege and special access by the Mayor of London to enter the exclusive zone of 2016 New Year’s Eve Firework as their appointed photographer. Sunny is being called as a soul-healing photographer by the media in Asia, by the softness and warmth in his photography, that try to bring the vibes of comfort, dreams and romance to people.

The page he created 英倫光影 Sunny Photography has been introduced by media for numerous times, now reaching over 52,000 followers.

awards winning


International Photo Contest 2016

Merit Prize in the Nature Category

英國媒體 - The Telegraph 攝影比賽勝出作品.jpg

The Big Picture Competition 2016
Winner  &  Top 10 at the year-end exhibition

香港 Photoblog 年度攝影比賽季軍.jpg
Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 00.38.17.png

Annual Photography Competition 2015

1st Runner Up


Autumn Photography Contest 2014

1st Runner Up

Japan - Nagano.JPG

International Photo Contest 2014

Seleted to be one of the finalists 


photography exhibition

Exhibition : Dream About The World  |  夢相

Sunny Pang's first photography exhibition held in Taipei, Taiwan in summer 2016. It showed over 40 pieces of Sunny's unforgettable moments / landscapes during his 2-years journey from Asia to Europe, and mostly about the living in England. The theme in Chinese means The Dreamy Photographs, also implies the desire I used to have for dreaming to go to those places, and it all came true into those exhibits.

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