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■ Quick, easy, and free ■ Support for home computers that are running Windows Vista x64 editions ■ Backup of home server shared folders ■ Improvements to remote access ■ More efficient power consumption ■ Improved performance Power Pack 1 also includes updates to Windows Home Server Plus, Windows Home Server Essentials, and the Windows Home Server installation process. For detailed information about Power Pack 1, visit the Windows Home Server Power Pack Serial Key 1 and Service Packs page. Windows Home Server Power Pack Cracked Version 1 is available to download at no cost until the end of calendar year 2015. Please visit the Windows Home Server Upgrade Service and FAQ for more information about the Windows Home Server product and upgrade options. Support for Windows Server 2008 R2 is not available in the Windows Home Server product. During installation, you will be asked to set a backup location for your data. The Windows Home Server product places data that belongs in a local drive in a shared location accessible to other computers on your network. By default, the shared location is placed on a hard drive that uses the name Z drive. If you use two computers on your network, you may want to consider installing Windows Home Server on the server computer. Question and Answers Windows Home Server DVD Installer I would like to install my own server and would like to use a DVD to install from instead of downloading the server. Is that possible? I already have the Server DVD I would like to use. Thank you for your interest in Windows Home Server product. Windows Home Server product can be installed from the DVD image. You can also download the product from Windows Home Server site. After installing the server you can use the product via the Web UI or the Windows Home Server Dashboard Web UI. Question Re: Installing Windows Home Server I have a server that I made for my desktop. I am going to use this server as my first server on my new network. I had a question about the code that I can put on the server in order to use different homepages for different logins. Can you please provide the code for what it is and how I will find it out. I am so interested in this new program and would love to try it. Thank you in advance for any help and I will be waiting to find out what you said. I just have one question that is a little easier for me since I'm new. a5204a7ec7

Continuous protection of your home network Don't put your family photos, music, and video on unprotected computers. Windows Home Server provides continuous protection against disk and virus-related damage by automatically backing up all of your stored files to your home server. Now you don't have to worry about them getting stolen or damaged. Backup and restore your files Backups are created when you add new files to your home server. With the click of a button, you can restore files from your backup. You can also choose to automatically restore files from previous backups. Backup and restore your files using the Windows Home Server interface or by attaching an external USB-based hard drive. Share your media Windows Home Server provides seamless streaming media for your digital media collections. Windows Home Server supports the playback of Windows Media Format (.wmv,.wmx,.wma), QuickTime (.mov), and iPod (.m4a and.mp3) files and music that is stored in MP3 format. Home Server also supports the playback of MPEG-1 (.mpg), MPEG-2 (.mp2 and.mpg), and uncompressed (.avi) video files. Access your media from anywhere Windows Home Server is connected to your home network, which makes it a centralized location where you can access all your media. On your home network, Windows Home Server will appear in the Shared Folders pane of Windows Explorer. You can access your media files using Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer, or any other Windows program. Shared folders Windows Home Server is an excellent server for your home media. It provides support for the following shared folders: ■ Pictures and Pictures Archive ■ Music ■ Videos ■ Downloads ■ Music Library ■ Pictures Library ■ Videos Library ■ Downloads ■ Pictures Archive ■ Music Library ■ Videos Library ■ Downloads Windows Home Server supports the Remote Access feature of Windows Home Server that allows your home network computer to access your home server. Windows Home Server provides instant access to your music collection from your Windows home PC or other devices that have Internet access. Remote access Remote access allows you to control and manage Windows Home Server from a Windows home PC or an Internet-connected home PC with your home network. Use a mouse and keyboard to control or access your home server, or use remote access through your home network computers or a remote PC. Support for

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